Fundraising Tips

  • Send out an email blast to friends and family! Don’t know how to compose it? No problem! In your Participant Center, there are email templates so you don’t have to. Just choose the Solicitation template and pick the email addresses you would like to send the message to. Its that simple! Personalizing your message is also an option as well. Good luck fundraising!
  • Ask your friends if you can request a few dollars from them on Venmo for Dance Marathon!
  • Reach out to your friends and tell them if they donate you will post an embarrassing picture of yourself. Help us make more miracles!
  • Personalize your Donor Drive page. Go into your settings and write a little paragraph about why you do Dance Marathon and what it means to you.  Everyone who looks at your page will be able to feel how important it is to you. Also put up a picture of yourself, possibly at last year’s event or of Miracle Kids (no one can turn them down)!
  • Utilize social media! A post a week or even a post a day can do wonders for your Donor Drive!  Just post a Miracle Network or Boston Children’s Hospital video (many on YouTube) or retweet one of BCDM’s many tweets!  Remember to always write your Donor Drive link at the end!  This will send awareness of BCDM to all of your friends on social media; and if they like it, to all of their friends!
  • Mom’s know EVERYONE! Have your mom send out and email to her co-workers/office, friends, and other connections.  Or have her give you an email list for you to contact!
  • Email your high school, middle school, and even elementary school teachers! They love to hear from you, and it’s a great way to network as well.  Just remember: make sure you email each person individually!
  • Change your fundraising goal! Make sure that your Donor Drive goal has not been reached.  People are more likely to give a bigger donation if they see that you still have not reached your goal but are very close!  (It can be changed in your settings)
  • Sponsor my A’s and B’s For The Kids! Ask family members and friends to donate money to your Donor Drive for your grades
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