Here are some common questions about BCDM.


What is Boston College Dance Marathon?

Boston College Dance Marathon (BCDM) is a student-run philanthropic event organized by the Class Councils and the committees. It is an annual no-sitting, no-sleeping event held in the spring. It celebrates the year-long efforts to raise awareness and funds for Boston Children’s Hospital, our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in Boston, MA.

What is Boston Children's Hospital?

As one of the premier children’s hospitals in the nation, Boston Children’s has been providing hope and healing to patients and families since 1869. For the past 20 years, it has been ranked as one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation. Along with being a world class research hospital, it is committed to helping every child get well, and is the #1 provider of care to low income children in the region. In order to maintain its commitment to helping all children get well, it relies heavily on donations.

How can I help?

1) You can sign up to fundraise at http://events.dancemarathon.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.event&eventID=1339
2) Spread awareness for the cause to your families and friends by posting on social media or messaging them directly.
3) Attend Boston College Dance Marathon events and fundraisers.

What is Children's Miracle Network?

Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Dance Marathon was created in 1991 by students at Indiana University to raise money in memory of Ryan White, a fellow student who fought the stigma of HIV/AIDS during the early years of the disease. The money they raised was given to their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, and in the 25 years since the first Dance Marathon, college students across the U.S. and Canada have raised $135 million, with 100% of the money going to help kids who are critically ill or injured. For the case of Boston College, our funds are donated to Boston Children’s Hospital.

What is FTK?

FTK means For The Kids. FTK is a saying we use to always remember why we are a part of this organization, because we do this to raise money for children that need our support.

Do I dance the entire time?

While at the marathon, you are hardly limited when it comes to what you’re doing. Yes, there is a fair amount of dancing. However, the marathon is filled with other activities: meeting the families and other students, karaoke, playing volleyball, you name it. And plus, there will be tons of photo opportunities for Instagram! There is never a dull moment at the marathon, and if you’re afraid that you’re not the best dancer, don’t be. There are dancers of all skill levels at the marathon and by no means, is it all about dancing.

How do I register?

You can sign up to register at http://events.dancemarathon.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=register.start&eventID=1339. While you are registering, you may be able to create a team or join one. After registering, you can start fundraising for the kids! By registering, you will get a free shirt, lunch and dinner, and you will be eligible to enter to win prizes from our sponsors.

What happens at BCDM?

There is a lot of dancing at BCDM, but of course there will also be food, Instagram-able photo opportunities, entertainment from BC’s own dance groups with special performances from the kids, and class war activities. We also have over 50 raffle prizes from our sponsors!

How do I raise money?

After registering, you may be able to raise money.
1) Post an embarrassing picture on Facebook for each donations.
2) Send emails and follow through with phone calls.
3) Save your Starbucks money for the week and donate it.
4) Post fundraising page on social media.
5) Have your parents post your fundraising page on social media.
6) Send handwritten letters with return envelopes.
7) Contact old teachers/professors.
8) Attend BCDM fundraising events.
9) Ask friends/family to send a mass email on your behalf.
10) Text your friends to donate.

Please also take a look at our fundraising page.

Can I create a team?

Yes, you can. You do not have to be an organization’s leader to create a team. You can create teams for your residence hall, organization, friend group, or anything, really. Top team fundraisers will be recognized at the event.

I'm not a good dancer, why should I attend BCDM?

Still not convinced? By no means is everyone who dances at Dance Marathon a great dancer, and by no means is dancing all that happens at Dance Marathon. Over the course of the 12 hours, you play games, you learn about the Miracle families who you’re dancing for, and so many other things! Yes, there is dancing… but Dance Marathon is so much more than that and we encourage you to find out for yourself!

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at contact@bcdancemarathon.com or call us on 617-552-0362


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